All text by Tim/Trinc
Katana - changing of the pads (front)

NOTE: brake fluid is very nasty to painted surfaces - cover
everything around the master cylinder before removing the cover.

That said - wipe down the master cylinder and remove the cover.
Remove the two 14mm caliper mounting bolts and pull back from the disk.
Note: you may wish to use a wire or twine so the brake line is not holding the caliper.
Locate and remove the clip & brake pad mounting pin
Rotate up the outer brake pad & slide it off the upper pin
Note: remove inner pad and clean any debris around the piston before pushing them back.

With the old brake pad still in ( inner pad ), use a c-clamp to confirm that both pistons are all the way back. ( NOTE: watch the fluid level in the master cylinder ) Remove the pad.
With the brake pads out give everything a cleaning with brake & disk cleaner ( watch the overspray ). Reassemble with new pads. Torque the caliper mounting bolts to 25 lbs-ft. ( with a medium strength - blue locktite )

Note: If there is any brake fluid present from a leaking seal
or crush washer ( on the banjo bolt ) a complete rebuild is recommended.

Repeat on the other side. With the new pads installed, give the brake lever a couple of squeezes - adjusted fluid level and replace the cover.

It's also good to clean the two front disks to remove the embedded material of the old pad, changing the brake fluid and a good bleeding should also be done.

OK - easy enough but a little more work will get you the better brakes you want. CLEANING THE CALIPER.

you'll remove the caliper holder, wipe down the pins and apply new brake grease - remove  the spring & the pistons. ( use a compressor or air pump through the banjo bolt hole - or as i did - use a tire pump through a modified bleeder screw )

After pulling out the seals & give it a good cleaning with brake cleaner it should look something like this.
as you can see, the piston on the left hasn't been cleaned for a while. use the brake cleaner again & get them nice & clean.

 now you ready to reassemble all those clean parts. first wash the NEW seals in clean brake fluid & coat the inside of the caliper with clean brake fluid. insert the seals in the grooves. the piston seal is the thick one and it goes to the rear - the thinner is a dust seal.
rinse the pistons in clean brake fluid and push them in. install the spring & the caliper holder. ( make sure the rubber boots fit into the grooves on the pins ) give the holder a few pushes to make sure it slides easily. install the pads. mount the caliper to the fork tube & attach the brake line.