All text by Tim/Trinc
Valve adjustment:  I'll just say it's easy, but takes a while to get to it !

Start by removing the plastic, seat and tank. I remove the air box to gain access to the throttle cables.

Keep in mind that your removing a lot of parts. try and stay organized. I use snack size bags.
I've already remove the cross member, throttle cables, choke cable, clutch cable ( at the lever ), continue with the coils and plug wires..
Before pulling the plugs and oil lines i vacuumed off the cover to get any debris off before exposing the head.

After it's clean unbolt the oil lines and cover bolts.

Now it's time to pull it off. Watch the gasket and make sure it stays either with the cover or stays on the head.
valveadjusttool.jpg (37014 bytes)
Suzuki Valve adjuster driver pn# 09917-14910

You will need to remove the signal generator cover
set the 't' mark to the middle of the pick-up coil.


With the use of a feeler gauge - adjust the gap and tighten the locking bolt. - recheck.

Before checking the gap identify the valve your adjusting and cam position by this chart.
valve_label.jpg (46078 bytes)


valve_spec.jpg (11409 bytes)
cam_position_picture.jpg (24744 bytes)
Be sure to clean the valve cover & head surface. apply a small bead of silicone to the cam end caps.
torque the cover bolts to 10 lb-ft
silicone.jpg (16138 bytes)
When reconnecting the oil lines - be sure and check that the o-ring is in good condition.
soillineoring.jpg (10224 bytes)

remember all that stuff you took off ? reinstall.
it's a very good idea to re-sync the carbs now !