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STATUS: Self-Installable units are currently out of stock; the current batch is being coated and will be available starting January 4th, 2007.


The ultimate in above-ground ground security anchors - Guaranteed!

MotorcycleAnchor™ Model 703TB Corporate Site Installation
MotorcycleAnchor™ Model 700-KG
MotorcycleAnchor™ Model 703TB

They're not just for motorcycles anymore.

  Our MotorcycleAnchor™ brand ground security anchors are designed to secure into concrete, brick, stone-work, and/or cinderblock, and provide the ultimate security lock-down point for your Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, Bimota, Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, JetSki, WaveRunner, Bombadier, Harley Davidson, Victory, Boss Hog, Triumph, or other motorcycles & personal watercraft! Also works with trailers, farm equipment, bicycles, and boats just as readily.

  Can you afford to have someone steal your motorcycle, trailer or boat? For the average thief, the task is as simple as hefting the bike into a van, truck or trailer and driving off with it. They don't bother undoing the locks, hot wiring the ignition, or getting it started -- just a few strong guys and it's gone. And lord help you if it's already on a trailer -- just couple the trailer hitch up to their vehicle and the bike and the trailer is gone! I hate to admit it, but eBay has created a whole new cottage industry of motorcycle thieves who take, disassemble and part-out bikes in a matter of a day or so -- often by the time the cops finish typing up the report, the bike is already in parts and in the mail.
  And if you live in a "Port" city (Miami, New York, LA, San Francisco, Portland, etc), it gets even easier because often the bikes are sold overseas -- the whole bike is simply put into a cargo container and shipped off to some foreign destination where the VIN has no history at all. Alarms are nice, but let's face it, unless the key fob is in transmitter range of the bike and your ear is in hearing range of the fob, the alarm is just a momentary distraction -- how often have you walked by a car with it's alarm going off and paid zero attention? Do you think others will suddenly care about your bike? Get real...
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MotorcycleAnchor 703TB:


So what's the deal with these MotorcycleAnchor Brand Secure Motorcycle Ground Anchors?
  We looked at hundreds of motorcycle thefts over the last decade to figure out how they were being committed, by who, and how to deter them. There are in essence three category of motorcycle thieves: the opportunist, the parter, and the order-taker.
   The opportunist is the petty criminal who sees a bike and decides it would be easy enough to grab it -- he's not a pro, but someone who is impulsive. He might be headed home drunk from a party (or stoned) and decide that your bike beats walking home, gets out his screwdriver and get the bike started and drive off. Or he might be the guy driving down the interstate and see the bike abandoned while you are trying to get a tow-truck, and tosses the bike in the truck. The opportunist doesn't think about things totally rationally; he is just a smash&grab impulsive type.
   The parter is a second category; this guy has a head for bikes, keeps his eyes open, is very alert, and knows when you go to work, sleep, etc. He knows when to strike and knows that most garages have a side-door that can be easily broken into, or that you park it on the porch. He might mow lawns in the area, or just drives around eyeballing you and your bike, or maybe he lives a few blocks away and sees you on it occasionally. He may even work at one of the local dealerships you visit, where he can get a copy of your key when you bring the bike in for service, as well as your home address. He is a calculated risk-taker, has an idea of what the bike will fetch as parts and, with the help of a couple friends, will grab the bike without doing anything to the locks and simply move it, to part it that same day. He might even have the listings for parts already running in advance for 6 or 7 days (on a 7 day listing) on ebay for your bike's parts, knowing that he's going to grab it, so the instant the auction ends, your bike is stolen, parted and shipped, minimizing his exposure to risk.
   The final guy (the order-taker) is the high-end pro. He takes orders from bulk buyers (usually overseas: Central & South America, the Caribbean, the middle east, parts of Asia, or countries of the former USSR) or from shops that specialize in total wreck repairs (who want parts cheap to renovate an unstolen VIN). He works with a complete organization that handles everything else about the transaction; he knows he'll get $500 to $1000 for delivering the bike in pristine condition to a warehouse or other drop location... think of the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" here. He has the tools of the trade, from lock-picks to kryogenic liquids to shatter locks, will walk up to the bike as if it's his, get it started in a matter of 15 to 30 seconds and be gone. If he targets your bike, there is actually very little you can do to discourage him. The only up side is that these guys usually only work in and around very large port cities or huge metro areas.
  Our MotorcycleAnchor™ brand security ground anchors are designed to stop the first two types of thieves outright (the opportunist and the parter), and to discourage the order-taker (hopefully enough that he'll target an identical bike elsewhere instead of yours). The anchors have been designed to be permanently installed and not come out without breaking out the concrete around them if installed correctly. They have special hardened free-rolling internal reinforcements to prevent cutting (a sawz-all will take about 45 minutes to breach the unit; use a hacksaw and your arm will want to fall off before you get through it the first time), and model 703's are all coated with a specialty coating (think bedliner) that acts both as an abrasion shield and will off-gas poison gases if the thief tries to take a torch or plasma cutter to it. And they are made bright colors to make them easy to spot, to deter those who are having thoughts about your bike... These are not light-weight units; each unit weighs in around 11 lbs and is made of hard steels with serious welds and internal hardened reinforcements; there is nothing here that is chinchy or easily breached. And they don't require pouring any new concrete to install!
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MODELS 700, 702, 703 QUICKLY:

Installation: Requires a drill and suitable masonry bit, plus a caulk gun. You do not pour any new concrete.
Removal: Forget it. This is an install-once item and then it's there for life. If you move, order another one.
• Models 702, 703 are a bright safety orange.
• Model 700 is available in a wide variety of colors.
• Models 702 & 703 are welded steel over hardened steel, professionally powder coated and then above-ground portions are coated with a special rubberized poly coat.
• Model 700 is welded steel over hardened steel, then professionally powder coated over it's entire surface.
Installation Time: How good your drill is plays into it heavily; usually under an hour.
Expected Lifespan: 10 year minimum, 100 year expected life.
We have seen them as the only thing left after a tornado strike.
Recoating: If for some reason your unit gets scratched deeply enough to expose raw metal or start rusting (it'd take something like an I-Beam falling on it), we can get you additional coating materials and instructions to recoat it in the future.
Adhesive: Permanent single-use self-mixing dispenser. Will require a caulking gun. Throw remainder in exterior trash when done.
Fumes: Adhesive may release fumes while curing. Please install only in a well ventilated area. Once cured, no more fumes will off-gas.
Strength: Everything is rated for a minimum of 50,000 lbs of force, and should take significantly more than that to breach.
Size: Legs are 7.5" apart, center-to-center. Opening for chains is 3-1/2" x 6". Total unit size is approximately 12" x 11" x 2"
Assembly: None. Unit is preassembled, ready for installation.
All Weather Exposure: Unit is designed to stand up to all weather exposure, including: ocean spray, rain, snow, fog, ice, UV (direct sunlight). Colors may fade after a few years, but unit will not weaken in any way as a result.


Installation: Requires a fresh concrete pour and is set at time of pour.
  Used for new construction, and sites with no suitable surfaces to use where installation location is desired.
Removal: Forget it. This is an install-once item and then it's there for life. If you move, order another one.
Visibility: Bright safety orange (HD Orange) as default; other colors available upon request.
Durability: Welded steel over hardened steel, professionally double-powder coated. Optionally top coated with a special rubberized poly coat.
Installation Time: Time to pour concrete plus 3 minutes to set it into the concrete.
Expected Lifespan: 10 year minimum, 100 year expected life.
Recoating: If for some reason your unit gets scratched deeply enough to expose raw metal or start rusting (it'd take something like an I-Beam falling on it), we can get you additional coating materials and instructions to recoat it in the future.
Strength: Everything is rated for a minimum of 50,000 lbs of force, and should take significantly more than that to breach.
Size: Opening for chains is 3-1/2" x 6". Total unit size is approximately 12" x 11" x 12", with much of it below-ground
Assembly: Portion to be sank into concrete may require 1 bolt & nut be tightened before sinking.
All Weather Exposure: Unit is designed to stand up to all weather exposure, including: ocean spray, rain, snow, fog, ice, UV (direct sunlight). Colors may fade after a few years, but unit will not weaken in any way as a result.


What's a Motorcycle Anchor?
   A MotorcycleAnchor™ is a trademark and registered trademarked name* for a series of permanently installed security ground anchors on which you can lock down any item that would otherwise be susceptible to theft. 100% made in the USA. Usually it's used to lock down motorcycles, but it could just as easily be used to lock down a bicycle, an ATV, a Jet Ski, a boat, a trailer, a tractor, a picnic table, construction equipment, a vehicle, etc. Unlike our competition here in the USA, our Motorcycle Anchors™ are built to truly thwart even a determined thief. If installed properly, the concrete the Motorcycle Anchor™ is set into will give before our Motorcycle Anchors™ will -- we guarantee it.
* Note: US registered trademark status (®) for the term Motorcycle Anchor™ was applied for at US PTO on 3/30/05. Final approval pending.

   MotorcycleAnchor™ models 700, 702, 703 are designed to handle full weather exposure between -35°F and 160°F (-37°C to 70°C). These units are professionally powdercoated, and some models are then top-coated with a rubberized poly compound in the above-ground portions. Models 700, 702, 703 are not recommended for use in locations that experience temperatures below -35°C (please contact us for a model 701B-X instead for temps down to -60°F). It will stand up to ocean spray, rain, fog, ice, snow and direct solar exposure. If you need security below -60°F, please contact us for a custom solution.

Freeze Proof?
   MotorcycleAnchor™ series 700 are designed to be highly shatter resistant even if cooled with liquid gases, to prevent this from being used as a method of breaching the units. Regular snow and ice isn't going to do much of anything.

   MotorcycleAnchors™ are designed to stand up to regular abuse of all sorts, and the metals in the anchor will actually get stronger if smashed (such as with a sledge hammer).

Why do I want or need one for my motorcycle?
   The biggest problems with motorcycle or bike theft is the speed and ease with which it happens. You've got your cycle locked in the parking lot, driveway, open garage, outbuilding or on the porch, and along comes a pick-up truck, sometimes followed by a car. Thirty seconds later, they are leaving the area and your bike is gone... How? Simple -- they didn't try to cut the lock or jimmy the lock to start the bike; they simply hefted it as-is into the back of the pick-up truck and drove off with it. They can deal with such issues as your lock once they get back to their place in peace and quiet without a rush. Your bike is never seen again by the local police nor by you, since it probably was either parted out on eBay or shipped overseas. So, if you park your bike outdoors (whether it's in a parking lot, on a porch, a sidewalk or anywhere else visible) or even in a shed or less than absolutely secure garage, you want to be able to secure it at that spot. Our MotorcycleAnchor™ is hefty, easy to see from a distance and guaranteed to not give way to even a determined theft attempt.

But I park my motorcycle in my garage! (or shed, workshop, etc.)
   I'll grant you that out of sight is out of mind. But motorcycle thefts occur from garages and out-buildings with alarming frequency because these kind of places are usually not watched very well when not in use, and are amazingly easy to break into unnoticed. Plus, its easy for people to notice your bike coming and going from there when you ride. One of our fellow riders walked into his garage the a few months back to see why his dog was barking and wouldn't shut up, only to find someone had jimmied open the side door and was about to make off with his new YFZ R6. How much piece of mind do you want that your ride will be there in the morning? How much are you willing to pay for that piece of mind? My guess is our price, fully installed by a professional locksmith or certified installer, is still a much lower amount. And we now have self-installable MotorcycleAnchors™ as well!
   And convincing your employer that they want to encourage motorcycle riding to work (for a long list of reasons,including employee moral, environmental friendliness, and reduce parking congestion) is also encouraged! A number of our clients are large corporations who have done this, such as the top picture on this page... More corporate site installation pictures of MotorcycleAnchor brand Secure Motorcycle Ground Anchors.
Because having your motorcycle stolen sucks!

How strong is it?
   You can park a semi on it without giving it serious issue (although it may damage your car if you hit it with something other than a tire). If installed properly, if you could muster enough force to remove it (say using a Caterpillar tractor using a large freighter's anchor chain), you will almost assuredly pull out the concrete around it before it gives out. If installed into a wall, it would pull a huge chunk out of the wall. They're build with one singular design purpose: to keep people from getting your stuff.

I'm moving - how do I remove it so I can install it at the new place?
   You don't. You leave it there. It's a permanent fixture. Just buy another one for your new location -- we'll be happy to sell you one. You can use your old one as a up-selling point for your previous home or business!

Can I just cut it using a reciprocating saw or cutting wheel?
   You're welcome to try... Call us up later and let us know how the attempt went... But don't say we didn't warn you! After all, if it could easily be sawed through, it wouldn't be much of deterrent, would it?

I have to get it out to do some additions on the house - how do I remove it?
   Go down to your local rent-a-center and get a jack hammer. Bust out the concrete all around it in a circle (or rectangle). For cinder block mountings, use a sledge and a masonry chisel to break out the blocks & concrete it's touching and replace them. Remove the anchor with the concrete or block it's set into and then lay down a fresh pour of concrete to replace what you removed.

Can I use this in a marine environment?
   Yes, if you have concrete moorings or another suitable installation point. The adhesive will set in high-humidity and wet locations without any loss of strength (time to cure may increase; we recommend at least 24 hour curing in marine environments). Great way to help keep your Cigarette boat or other marine investment from being swiped.

Can I read the installation instructions in advance?
   Why certainly:
Model 703 series installation instructions (659k, PDF).
Models 700 & 702 series installation instructions (not currently available to the public).
Models 701 series installation instructions (not currently available to the public).

What would you lock down using one of these MotorcycleAnchors™?
• Ducati 916, 996, 998, 999, or any other Ducati. These are high-theft items.
• Any Aprilia, Benelli, Bimota, KTM, Malaguti, Mondial, MV Augusta, Norton, Vespa or Titan. These are high-theft items.
• Harley Davidson (HD) Sportster, Dyna, Softail, VRSC, Nightrod, Road King. These are high-theft items.
• Suzuki Hayabusa, GSX600R, GSX750R, GSX1000R, GSX600F & GSX750F, SV650/S, SV1000S, VStrom and Boulevard Cruisers.
• Honda SuperHawk, CBR600/RR, F4i, CBR1100XX (Blackbird), RC51, VFR/Interceptor, 919, ST1300, Goldwing, VTX & Shadows.
• Yamaha YFZ R1, YFZ R6, FZR, FJR1300, YZ450F, Star, RoyalStar, V Star, Warrior, VMax, Virago.
• BMW R1150GS, R1200GS, K1200S, K1200R, F650/GS/Dakar, R1200ST, R1200RT, R1100R, Rockster, Montauk, R1200CL.
• Triumph Daytona 650 & 955i, Speed Triple, Speed Four, Sprint ST 950 or 1050, Tiger, Rocket III, SpeedMaster, Thruxton & Bonneville.
• Any Victory (Vegas for example), any BossHog, any custom built bike (period!).
• Any bike build within the last 7 years, or build over 20 years ago, plus any collector, show, or high-demand bike.
• Jetski, Waverunner, and other personal watercraft.
• Trailers of all sorts (esp. enclosed trailers with motorcycle or tool-brand logos on them).
• Drag racers, migit cars, project cars and collector vehicles (place vehicle over anchor & lock to the axel).
• High-value bicycles, such as Aegis, Trek, Axial brand carbon-fiber bikes, Canondale mountain bikes, etc.
• SnapOn, ToolPro, Craftsman toolboxes. After all, why buy a multi-thousand dollar locking mechanics' toolbox if it simply can be rolled away?
• Any terrorists or burglars I catch until the appropriate police forces get there.

Schedule a professional for installation of a motorcycle security ground anchor, MotorcycleAnchor Series 700. USA & Canada only.

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Our Self-Installable units are currently being coated and we are out-of-stock. We will have units again starting 3 January 2007. If you already ordered, your order will be filled in the next week.
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