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They're not just for motorcycles anymore.

STATUS: We tried the competition's products. We weren't satisfied with any of them, nor with their price-points. So we went out and did what we're known for -- came up with a better solution!

400°F/200°C Oil Temp Gauges & Matching Senders for air-cooled and oil-air cooled motorcycles! Designed specifically for all-weather, open-cockpit use, and field-tested while riding through two hurricanes and countless tropical storms at speed!
   We now have our first pair of all-weather 400°F/200°C Oil Temp Gauges & Matching Senders for use in air-cooled and oil-air cooled motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Suzuki Bandit, Suzuki Katana (GSXF), pre-water-cooled Suzuki GSXR's, BMW's, MotoGuzzi, etc.

400 degree F oil temp gauge

   What's the diff? Well, on a water-cooled motorcycle, the oil rarely exceeds about 1.3 times the temperature of the coolant, and the max temp for coolant is usually around 220° F (about 105° C) before it will boil off. In an air-cooled or oil-air cooled bike, the oil temps can easily soar to well above 300° (F) / 149°C on a hot day during steady highway cruising. Traditional oil gauges & senders on the market aren't designed to deal with 320°F or 360°F (171°C - 182°C) temperatures, nor are they designed for the type of environment a motorcycle operates in (the gauges need to be weatherproof, vibration proof, have anti-fogging displays, work in a wide variety of voltages, be reliable for years on end, AND have tiny senders that won't interfere with the narrow spacing in most motorcycle oil pans so they don't hit the oil pick-up unit). We're filling that niche!

400 degree F oil temp gauge
  • Display Range: 150 - 400 °F (65 - 200 °C). Both Fahrenheit and Celsius are displayed on the face.
  • Dual-lense Design: Anti-fogging, weather-proof, quick disassembly for cleaning if necessary (disassembly of lenses not recommended because volume is initially filled with dry nitrogen).
  • 2 Dial-Faces Available: White Type on Black Background (standard), or Black Type on White Background (special-order item, 3-week lead time).
  • Vibration Stabilized: Needle won't jump or quiver in response to vibration of the motorcycle nor RPM-related voltage changes.
  • Analog Gauge: Does not distract from road by overwhelming your perception with a flashing display.
  • Backlighting Options: Default is red, but many backlight-color options are available & easily changeable.
  • Easily Customizable Surround: Easily swappable surround bezel, permits removal to paint to match. Chrome surrounds are also available as an add-on option.
  • Voltage Stabilized: will operate uniformly between 10 and 17 volts without faulting.
  • Backlighting Options: Default is red, but many backlight-color options are available & easily changeable.
  • Optional Warning Light Integration: Slot for warning light integrated for use with our optional logic kit (which integrates a warning light and permits you to set the light-trigger value to any temp value you prefer between 155° F and 390° F [68deg; C - 198° C]).
  • Simple Connectivity: Male spade terminals for all contacts on the gauges -- use female spade terminals on the wiring (including on the sender). Lighting circuit can be wired separately if desired.
  • Size:
    Cut-out - 2" cut hole:
    We recommend use of a standard 2" (51mm) hole bit if using a hand-drill with a standard wood hole-bit (the type used for drilling door knob holes) on ABS plastics for nice tight fitment. The larger tooth size & tooth chamfers of such bits tends to oversize the hole slightly in ABS, and we'd rather have you need to file a minute amount afterwards than end up with an excessively sloppy mounting. If using such a bit, we recommend using one that has a center bit integrated and predrilling a centering hole.
    If using a fine-toothed metal or plastic cutting hole bit (or rotobroach bit) drilling into ABS or metal, we recommend using a 52mm bit (2-1/16").
    Standard gauge cups are also a viable mounting option, and many riders have mounted the gauge to the inside of the windshield or to their handlebars using a standard 52mm gauge cup (available most auto parts stores).
    Gauge body is actually 52mm diameter.
    Depth - 2" depth from the top of the mounting surface downwards. Length can be shortened some by bending terminal contacts and filing some stand-offs on the rear.
  • Ground-difference Calculation: no heavy voltages going through the sender, single wire application.
  • Simple wiring instructions (see wiring diagram),
      and we will throw in some free heat shrink tubing for you upon request (ask for it!). The only critical thing to the accuracy on the wiring is that the ground signal to the gauge is absolutely clean -- wire it directly to your negative terminal on the battery (no matter where you tap the positive at).
  • NOTE: We do NOT recommend using this sender with a drain plug adaptor because our field-experiences have taught us that the adaptors tend to change size non-uniformly as they heat, and result in oil leakage at the adaptor. Matter of fact, we'd love to sell you an adaptor, but we haven't found one capable of handling the task properly on a bike capable of having it's oil temps reach these kinds of ranges!
  • Smallest sender on the market: will clear oil pan pick-ups on all motorcycles (haven't found one where it wouldn't if drilled in the right spot). Sender does need to be installed in a location where it will be bathed in oil for accurate readings.


Contact us to order any of the optional items. Time-frames on special order items may be 3-4 weeks addition fulfillment time.


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