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They're not just for motorcycles anymore.

STATUS: We are currently developing and destruction-testing our chain and lock products for use with our Motorcycle Anchor™.

What kind of chain and lock should I use?
   The strongest, most secure one you can afford. We're currently busy working with custom chain and lock manufacturers from around the world to ensure that we can pair the strongest suitable chains and a virtually unpickable/uncuttable lock with our Motorcycle Anchor™. Specifically, we're looking at various forms of chain that will not shatter even if splashed with liquid nitrogen and then struck with a cold chisel, and which can not be cut even by a large (36") bolt cutter, such as a titanium-coated diamond-link 3/4" link chain. And we are also working with lock manufacturers to match that to a key-based lock that can not be opened with a regular lock-pick set by virtue of one or more side tumblers in addition to the traditional vertical tumblers, nor can it be cut at all by a bolt cutter by virtue of it's hidden-shackle design.


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