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STATUS: We are slowly adding additional specialty products for the motorcycle community. We are now licensed Ohlins & SpeedBleeder dealers, as well as carrying Kissan and CustomDynamic's full product ranges!


  • Speed Bleeder Complete Kits!
       We now carry complete SpeedBleeder kits for various makes and years of motorcycles at rock-bottom pricing. The kits include a complete set of bleeder valves for all the calipers on your motorcycle, as well as drain hose for bleeding the brakes and installation instructions. Please see our SpeedBleeders page for full fitment and pricing info!
    What is a SpeedBleeder?
      A SpeedBleeder is a patented replacement brake bleeder nipple that contains an one-way spring-loaded ball valve. This permits one-person fast brake bleeding of old fluids, water and air. This is an one-time upgrade; once installed, the bleeders will last until damaged, no matter how often you bleed the brakes.
    Cut-away view:
    Cut away view of SpeedBleeder (Stainless steel version shown)

  • Permanent Hearing Protection
     -- for $7.00 shipped (USA),
     -- $8.00 (US$) to the rest of the world!

       We have collected a variety of permanent re-usable rubber/silicon earplugs and tested them for use while riding motorcycles, to decrease or eliminate the damages from high noise levels (did you know wind noise over a helmet or over the ear at 80 mph can exceed the level for permanent damage of hearing?).
       We've collected the best from our tests and will send you two pairs from two different manufacturers that we believe represents the best of breed for real-world riders. We'll also include a permanent carrying case to tuck under your seat or loop through your belt hoop for when they're not in use. And so you have a fair comparison (or if you have a passenger), we'll also toss in a four pairs of top-of-the-line foam disposable earplugs as well. Prices include shipping!
    EARPLUG STARTER KIT: includes 2 pairs permanent washable earplugs, hard carrying case, plus four pairs disposable foam ear plugs...
    Earplug Starter Kit Contents Earplug Starter Kit Contents image #2

       If you come to need more than comes with the starter pack and figure out which ones you prefer, we'll be happy to sell you additional pairs of that type of permanent ones for $1.50 plus shipping. 4 Additional pairs of disposables are $1.
    For more detailed technical information on these, please visit our ear plug detailed info page.

  • 400°F (200°C) Oil Temp Gauges for oil-air cooled motorcycles!
       We have 400°F / 200°C Oil Temp Gauges and Senders for oil-air-cooled, oil-cooled and air-cooled motorcycles in stock! These are all-weather, open-cockpit voltage stabilized gauges. See our Electronics and Electrical Page for details, write-ups, and to order!

If you want any of the above, give us a call or drop us an email! If you want to know what products we've added to line-up, ask to be added to our email list...


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