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STATUS: We are an authorized SpeedBleeder dealer, and have brake bleeder kits for virtuallly all motorcycles!


Speed Bleeder Complete Kits!
What is a SpeedBleeder?
  A SpeedBleeder is a patented replacement brake bleeder nipple that contains an one-way spring-loaded ball valve. This permits one-person fast brake bleeding of old fluids, water and air. This is an one-time upgrade; once installed, the bleeders will last until damaged, no matter how often you bleed the brakes.
Cut-away view:
Cut away view of SpeedBleeder (Stainless steel version shown)
• Place container and rag under existing bleeder.
• Unscrew existing bleeder (some brake fluid will leak out).
• Screw in new bleeder and torque to 6 lb-ft (aka 8 Nm, aka 0.8 kg-m); do not over-torque.
• Follow bleeding instructions after installing all the bleeders for your brakes.
• Remove rubber bleeder cap.
• Install included hose over a bleeder and lead to jar or container (to capture old fluid; old spaghetti jars work well).
• Unscrew that bleeder 1/4 turn (90 degrees counter-clockwise).
• Uncap & fill brake fluid reservior.
• Activate brakes repeatedly, making sure reservior never gets below 50% full (refill as necessary).
• When the new fluid gets to the container, close bleeder valve 90 degrees (1/4 turn clockwise) again.
• Reattach rubber cap over bleeder, then close reservior if appropriate, and move to next bleeder.
• Repeat until all the brakes have been bled.
Turn in old brake fluid at oil-recycling locations for reycling (since brake fluid is merely a special acidic formulation of hydraulic oil); do not dispose of into ground or standard trash recepticles!
Note: the only difference between standard steel kit and stainless steel kit is the shiney-ness; pick stainless if you have a show-bike and won't have the rubber caps on.



Tokico Calipers - SB7100 & SB7100SS

Tokico Calipers - SB7100 & SB7100SS

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1150RT 2002 SB8125L SB6100 SB1010S EVO brakes use SB8125L
K1200CLC 2003 SB7100S SB1010S SB1010S  
K1200GT 2003 SB1010S SB1010S    
K1200RS 2003 SB8125L SB1010S    
Other K Series   SB1010S SB1010S    
R1100RS   SB1010S SB6100    
R1100GS   SB1010S SB6100    
R1100SBX   SB8125L SB6100    
R1150GS up to Aug '01 SB8125L SB6100    
R1150GS Sept '01 & later SB1010S SB6100    
R1150R 2002 SB8125L SB6100    
R1150R 2003 SB6100 SB6100    
R1200C 2002 SB1010S SB6100 SB1010S  
Other R Models 1997 onwards SB1010S SB6100    
Other R Models up to 1996 SB1010S SB1010S    


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