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They're not just for motorcycles anymore.

Welcome! After finding out that there was a real lack of cool of motorcycle t-shirts for female riders, we decided to use our own graphic genius to design some cool T-shirts and other products, first for our own uses, and then after being asked often enough, we decided to make them available to everyone. So, here is the T-Shirt & Gear page, or the place where you can find what we can provide to you.

We appreciate your business and would like your feedback -- send us a picture of yourself in one of our creations and we'll send you a dollar off your next purchase! Limit: $1 off per item purchased.

Tshirt: Caution: Contains hot female motorcyclist...

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep...

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Yeah, chicks ride. I Ride. And I'm faster than you... Deal with it.

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The road stretches onward, like an endless steel ribbon...

Note: black outline not present on products with this imprint.

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It's not what you ride... It's that you ride!

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I ride a motorcycle... I ride my boyfriend...

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