6 Cylinders
24 Valves
1100 cc
180 HP
Suzuki Stratosphere
What is it?
It’s Suzuki‘s 2005 Stratosphere Prototype that they so casually showed off at the 39th Annual Tokyo Motor Show (including both actual models and video showing it being driven), and moved around to a limited number of venues before “disappearing it” from public view.
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When will we see it?
According to various press sources*, Suzuki green-lighted the final product in ’07 for production as an 2009 model. Whether it will appear as an early release, standard release, or late release isn’t sure yet -- all we’re sure of is that Suzuki is remaining quite tight-lipped about the entire issue.
What features will make production?
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This website is unaffiliated with any branch, division or subsidiary of Suzuki, but intends to become the premier user forum & website for actual Stratosphere owners once the bike launches and hits the showroom floors. Until then, we are hell-bent on providing the best information, best analysis, and hopefully the first real hands-on info that you can find anywhere. You can find Suzuki Great Britain’s take on it at their webpage for the prototype.