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The Best Motorcycle Tire Valve Anyone Could Invent! (Including us!)

   Standard rubber tire valves have lots of problems: they can tear under use, easily get cut or nicked (by road debris or vandals), get ripped out, plus they break down from UV and oxygen exposure. And their upright designs means the valve mechanism inside can literally open under high-G loads (such as high speed travel or real canyon carving). Cheap metal tire stems do somewhat better than rubber, but they still have their own problems, including potential rusting, as well as the tire valve issue under high loads.
Our particular combination of technologies represents the absolute best in every category of tire valve design -- evaluate it for yourself:

After examining numerous tire valve failures over the past couple decades of riding, the solution was utterly obvious from an engineering stand-point: this particular valve design combination. Every single detail has been scrutinized and triple-checked for full functionality, then field tested in a variety of continents under a whole slew of possible conditions, and this is the ultimate solution. Even the notoriously strict German TueV engineering inspection approval system has approved these for autobahn & street use in Germany!
There simply isn't a better motorcycle tire valve available. Period. Unlike the competition.



Q: Will it fit my Motorcycle?
A: For most motorcycles, the answer is YES. Specific exceptions are:
EXCEPTION: If your bike's wheels are designed to specifically to use inner-tubes: NO.
The billet valves are designed specifically for wheels which use tubeless tires, while inner-tubes have their own integrated tire valve stems. Thus wheels designed for inner-tubes can not use these valves.
EXCEPTION: If your bike's wheels have manufacturer-integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems [TPMS]: NO.
The tire pressure monitoring systems used by BMW and Kawasaki on their models (and probably more manufacturers by the time I write this) are designed to mate to specialty valve stems that integrate into the TPMS sensor at the underside of the valve-mounting area. As a result, aftermarket valves of any kind are not designed to be used with these systems. Only certain aftermarket TPMS sensors that strap to the interior of the rim off-center can use our valves.
EXCEPTION: If your bike's wheels are special racing wheels designed & built by Antera, Brembo, Marchesini, Marvic or O.Z. Racing, including some Ducati wheels: NOT THE ONES ON THIS WEBPAGE (we do have the ones you need!).
The racing/performance wheels listed above use a "racing standard" stem size that is 3mm narrower in diameter than standard tire stems. We now offer these, but do not offer them on this webpage to avoid confusion; please email us directly to obtain a pair (same pricing, same color options).


BMW created the front wheels for the K1200LT and R1150RT with a very narrow surround around the hole and recessed that surround. To fit our valves to these wheels, you would have to dremel (grind back/cut-off) the flanges on the valve body as shown the examples below:
- pictures of the K1200 issue: K1200LT Stem Area, and Valve Compared to Stem Area.
- the modified valve, dremelled back to fit, shown on an 2004 R1150RT (pics coutesy of Perry DeWitt): Front Valve front view, rear view, side view.

EXCEPTION: BMW R1200GS (Tubeless Street Wheels), certain other R-series with cast-lip wheels (modification required): NO, OR NOT WITHOUT MODIFICATION.
BMW's center-line ridge on the wheels makes the space for the valve too narrow to fit without modification of the valve body, which can easily be dremelled back to compensate. Please view this R1200GS (cast wheels) modification image by Jim Von Baden for an example of the modification (tool: dremel, cut-off wheel. Time: 3 minutes).
Note: Does fit OEM R1150GS wheels - Picture (credit: Jeffrey Hagen).
EXCEPTION: BMW Wheels with TPM (Tire Pressure Monitors) integrated: NO.
- These will NOT work, you MUST use the BMW-TPM specific valves.
They will fit K1200/K1300 that are NOT using the TPM system: Photo of mounting on '08 K1200GT non-TPS wheel (pic & fitment info courtesy Erik Miner)



EXCEPTION: Ducati: Any S, R, SR & RR models: NOT THE ONES ON THIS WEBPAGE -- but we do have 'em!
Ducati commonly uses racing-standard wheels in many of their model applications (including all S/R/RR applications), and as a result these "racing" wheels need the 8.3mm valve stem size. We now offer the racing valves, but do not have them listed on this webpage to avoid confusion for 99% of our clients. Please contact us directly via email to order the smaller standard valves (same price, same color choices, different sizing).


EXCEPTION: 1988-2000 Honda GL1500 GoldWing & 2001-2008+ Honda GL1800 GoldWing, and all years Honda Rune: Not in stock form -- minor modification required.
Kudos to Mike at JBJ Cycles for pointing out this issue on the GL-series. Also note that on many years, rear valve will need to face left or be installed off-angle (70 - 75° instead of 90°) if installed pointed towards the right, to clear the rear caliper & caliper bleeder valve.
Honda created the wheels for it's GoldWing series with a T-support for the valve stem to address a valve clearance/collapse issue -- and stupidly enough, put the support to the left side (sidestand-side), so owners can't readily get at their tire valves without placing the bike on the centerstand. Taking a dremel to cut/grind away this "T" support (see picture of T-support here) flush with the rest of the valve seat area will permit installation of our valves, as well as permitting you to face the valve in the opposite direction as stock (i.e. - permitting it to face to the right side, so pressures can easily be checked & air easily added while stopped on the sidestand). If mounting facing the caliper, for many years' models, you must install the valve at an slightly off-angle to prevent it from contacting the caliper (70 - 75° to direction of rotation of the wheel, instead of 90° -- please check clearance before dismounting the wheel to ensure your placement will be feasible (we suggest use of a wax pencil to mark the acceptible seating angle).


EXCEPTION: 2008 & later Kawasaki Concours ZG1400 (aka GTR-1400 in Europe): The Tire Pressure Monitoring System [TPMS] in these bikes is integrated into the rim directly under the base of the valve stem system; these superb hyper-tourers can [u]not[/u] use standard tire valves, nor nor can they use our aluminum tire valves as a result.
Kawasaski's tire pressure monitoring system uses a rectangular sensor that is held in place on the inside of the rim by the shaft of their tire valve stem (see diagram of the parts involved here, and Cut-away diagram of the wheel). The system transmits via UHF in the 315 Mhz range in the North American models, and in the 434 Mhz range in the European models. Wheels outfitted with these senders can NOT use our tire valves unless they are willing to give up their TPMS senders, and they still may not be able to achieve proper fitment on the interior of the rim.


And who does that leave? This valve will fit virtually every street bike built in the past 25 years by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Triumph, as well as many BMW's (R1150GS for example), Harley Davidson's, Aprilia's, KTM's, etc. Everything from Ninja 250 or a Katana to Hayabusa, ZX14R, 954, K1200S, VStrom, SV-series, ST1100-series, TLR & TLS, etc., etc., including every ninja ever built, every GSXR ever built, every CBR built since the mid-70s.
If in doubt, send us an email at and we'll walk you through how to check, or simply send us pictures of your wheels and we'll let you know.

Q: Will it fit my Scooter?
A: For most scooters, the answer is: No. They will fit Suzuki Burgman 400 and 650's, as well as certain other large-size scooters, but most smaller (25 - 150cc) scooters use a smaller tire valve size, which we also offer but not on this webpage (please contact us directly via email to order them).


Q: Is it really any better?
A: 484% better than a standard tire valve. OK, I kind of ball-parked that figure based on the typical lifespan of a standard rubber tire valve in low-use compared to the lifespan of one of our solid billet valves. But the reality is that these are, BAR NONE, the absolute best tire valves available on the market for your motorcycle in terms of safety, engineering excellence, lifespan and performance.

Q: I just mounted new tires -- should I get some anyway?
A: As with all things commercial on the planet, we have certain quantities of these things and if they don't move, there won't be more available later. That means you may miss out on your chance to have the absolute best tire valve on the planet, which roughly translated could also mean you may miss the opportunity to avoid a deadly spill if your cheap standard tire valve gives out on you while you're riding. My personal advice is to buy a set and then hang on to them until you are ready to have your next set of tires mounted... which, given the rate that some bikes pick up nails and wear through tread at, could be much sooner than you expect. Far better to have a set already on-hand when you need them than to pray we have your color in stock on-demand when you suddenly want them. You could also simply ask your local dealer to carry them.

Q: Any other benefits?
A: Aside from all the engineering excellence and superb design, they are absolutely bling! So you can look good and reduce your chances of an unexpected flat at speed at the same time. Plus, you'll have some bragging rights (at least for a while), because this is the very first batch we're offering in the USA, so you know Joe down the street won't have them yet (big plus if you're shopping for an xmas present for a hard-to-shop for biker!). Plus, we are banging out this first set at a discount to turn people onto them (cause of course your friends will ask where you got them, and you'll tell the MotorcycleAnchor!).

Q: Will they affect wheel balance?
A: Anything mounted to your wheel, including your tires and valves all affect wheel balance. These valves will affect it less than most standard rubber valves on the market (each of our valves only weighs 20 grams per valve -- that's a bit under an ounce!). The fact that they are made from billet aluminum permits the design to use less material in some areas but still retain greater strength than other valves: they are lighter than steel-stemmed tire valves and lighter than virtually any decent quality rubber valve stem on the market.

Q: Care Instructions?
A: Wash your wheels with whatever you wash your wheels with anyway. If the aluminum your wheel is made of won't care, the valve exterior certainly won't care.

Q: Any special instructions for installation?
A: Unmount the old tire, clean the rim around the valve stem area and surrounding parts, put the top in with the valve point the way you want, then hand-screw the nut on and torque to 7.2 lb-ft. DO NOT OVERTORQUE!
Full instructions are in every package anyway, in case you forget.

Q: Long term repairs?
A: If a decade down the line, you find the schrader valve core inside leaking, pop by any bicycle or automotive tire store and they can thread in a new schrader valve core for about $2 on the spot.

Q: I want a different color...
A: Colors available are red, blue, silver-gray (think highly polished aluminum), black and gold/bronze, to match or compliment virtually any bike on the market. If you want a color other than that, you'll need to order at least 1,000 for us to justify making a custom batch.

Q: How do I know these are "Quality" goods?
A: These aren't Chinese (or other 3rd world-country) manufactured crud -- they are manufactured to spec by skilled European craftsmen with tolerances under 1/500th of an mm. Plus, they have the TueV German inspection seal of approval, which is very difficult to get as a blanket approval for all street bikes for any product -- and probably the strictest engineering-safety approval on the planet!

Q: Warrantee?
A: We warrant that the product is as described & shown, and will arrive brand new, in perfectly functional condition with no flaws (we have extremely high inspection standards). Since we can't control installation (or whether your local shop's trained gorilla chooses to over-torque them on install), that's the end of our warrantee, but if you feel they are defective in quality or workmanship for any reason, we will gladly square you away. As long as you make sure the gasket is centered at time of install and don't over-torque the retaining nut, it'll be flawless for you for at least a decade.

Q: What about in the future, after install?
A: Just remember to tell all your future tire installers not to touch the valve -- there is no reason for them to loosen it or replace it when you get your tires changed after it's been properly installed. For those of you who do your own tire installs, this a god-send, shortening the time up. Also, with it's low total weight, it is far less likely to throw your wheel significantly out of balance than many of the other valves on the market (it only weighs 20 grams per valve! That's less than many rubber valves!).

Q: I'm buying these as a gift (or stocking stuffer) -- are they exchangeable?
A: As long as the package is unopened and unused in good shape, we will gladly exchange them for a different color if it's available in-stock (you simply pay shipping both ways), or if for situations where they won't fit, we will accept them back in still-sealed condition & refund you your purchase price less actual postage costs). Both offers are valid only for 4 weeks from date of original sale. To avoid this situation, we suggest you email us before purchase with the bike model info (pics are good) so we can verify in advance that they will be appropriate.

Q: Can I get them through my dealer or CycleGear (or other store)?
A: We have started to ship these products into the dealer channel; please contact your local dealer to see if they carry our products, or contact us and we'll let you know if there are any authorized dealers in your area. At this time, there are no North American mail-order nor multi-market dealers offering our tire valves (CycleGear doesn't stock them yet).
If you are a dealer and want to stock these or any of other custom products, please contact us via email or telephone to make arrangements for getting set up as an authorized dealer. We also carry other lines of products we have designed/engineered specifically for the motorcycle trade.

Q: Who is "The CyberPoet" and what is
A: The CyberPoet is a very old nickname for our founder and lead researcher/engineer, who has been an all-weather (including a couple hurricanes!), long-distance rider all his life. He is a former German driving/riding instructor, a former US Army driving/riding instructor, has done 2500 mile straight stints in the saddle, and is one of the most knowledge people on the face of the planet when it comes to motorcycles, what works and what doesn't, and more-over, why it works/doesn't. He has also written countless help files, manuals, magazine articles and books. is his motorcycle accessories and security products company, which specializes in design/conception/construction/fabrication/sales of the best possible solutions for the motorcycle market.

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